Lenten Conferences

  Here are some Lenten Talks.  If you can attend any of these, you'll be blessed.

Saturday, March 2nd:
·         Middletown, NY (Archdiocese of NY)
St. Joseph Church  2-5pm
Contact:  treat307@aol.com

Sunday, March 3rd:
·         Manhattan, NY (Archdiocese of NY)
Church of the Holy Innocents
               Contact:   mirouzem@hotmail.com

·         Casco, ME (Diocese of Portland, ME)
Resurrection Convent
               Contact:  sisterrosalie@fairpoint.net

·         Syracuse, NY (Diocese of Syracuse)
St. Patrick Church  2-3:30pm

Tuesday, March 5th:
·         Christ the Redeemer Church (Diocese of Rochester) 7-9pm
               Contact:  rkilpatrick@stny.rr.com

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