Feast of the Patronage of Our Lady over the Order of Preachers

We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God. Despise not our petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer us. Amen.

The Sub Tuum is one of the most ancient prayers to Our Lady. We would be most grateful to all our friends if you would say this prayer to Our Lady every day for your special intentions.

St. Dominic had a very tender love for Our Lady and taught his sons and daughters to turn to her in all their needs. It was he who taught us to always say an Ave Maria, asking for her blessing and guidance before any action, such as preaching, studying, writing, visiting, working, etc. In fact, for many years an Ave was said before each of the Hours of the Divine Office. From the very beginning Dominicans were called by the people - the Brothers of Mary. In the Lives of the Brethren are several incidents told of how Our Lady showed to persons outside the Order that it was she herself who obtained from her Divine Son the Order itself.
This vision was told by an aged and holy Cistercian monk of the Abbey of Bonnevaux, in the diocese of Vienne, to Brother Humbert, who was afterwards Master of the Order.
He saw in his dreams, for several nights, Our Lady at the feet of Her Son in Heaven begging mercy for sinful mankind, which at that time had sunk deep into heresy and all kinds of vices. At length, on the third day, raising her up with great tenderness, the Son replied: 'I know, sweet Mother, that sinners are being lost for want of preachers, having none to break to them the bread of the holy Scriptures, or teach the truth, or open the books now sealed to them. Wherefore, yielding to thy entreaties, I will send them new messengers, an Order of Preachers, who shall call the people and lead them to everlasting joys; only then shall we bar the gate to all slothful, accursed, and empty-handed souls.'

h/t  Nuns from St. Jude's Monastery 

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