Monday, May 7, 2012

Spiritual Direction Catholic Style

There was an article in today's Boston Globe about spiritual direction becoming more common.  It seems that since the culture today is not church-going, that need that all humans have for God, is not fulfilled.  That need for love.  That need to be loved.  That need to make sense of life.  That draw towards something.  That something that is ingrained in our genes.  That ineffable feeling that searches for meaning, love, wisdom, God.  St. Catherine of Siena, in her Dialogue would remind us:
"The human heart is always drawn by love." Dialogue 26

People today don't think the answer is in church, I guess.  Why would 20 centuries of traditional answers be smarter than they are?

Another reason, I am glad I'm Catholic.  All you have to do is make an appointment with a priest, to get spiritual direction.  And priest do it for free.  We Catholics get some spiritual direction in Confession.  In confession it would be narrow focused, but all you would have to do is ask the Confessor for an appointment for more time,  to discuss your concerns.  It's that easy.  Call the rectory.  Make an appointment.

Tabernacle Thomas Aquinas Priory
As a Catholic I am surrounded by spiritual fulfillment.  That's what our sacraments are for.  The Eucharist feeds us spiritually.  The outward appearance of the sacraments: water, wine, bread, salt, oil, blessings, hit me in the eyes.  The prayers, chants, songs, liturgical music, hit my ears.  The readings, scripture, early church fathers, papal writings, hit my mind with beautiful language.  The smell of incense, oil, candles, hit my nose.  The taste of the Eucharist: bread and wine, hits my soul through my mouth.  The feel of my brothers and sisters' kiss of peace hits my heart, with this early sign of Christianity.  I even love the debates and arguments of our theologians.  The governance of my pastor, bishops, and popes.  I love the struggles of our saints and martyrs.  I love the poetry of our poets.  I love the architecture of the different expressions   of worship in our church buildings. I love everything about the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church embodies the presence of Christ.  Yes, God is everywhere.  But He's tangible in the Catholic Church.  His true presence lives there.  

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