Friday, May 25, 2012


Today I was giving a presentation on snacking.  A discussion arose about those that felt eating three large meals was better than six small meals.  Something I said as an aside, triggered an outcry.  What it was, isn't important.  It was something about snacks triggering a desire for more.  But it was the fact that an "aside" elicited more discussion, than the discussion topic itself, that impressed me.

When reviewing my presentation, I always try to evaluate what worked, and what didn't.  I was surprised that an "aside" turned out to be the more interesting.  It has happened before.  But it is always a surprise.  It reminded me of when Fr. Aquinas was talking about spiritual direction.  He was talking about soaring off the earth (aircraft carrier) and climbing above the mundane and reaching union with God...

He happened to say in an "aside" voice, "You're not a crop duster."


It bothered me that he used that image.  Did he think I was a "crop duster?"  Did Father AQ think that I thought, or sounded like, of behaved, like a "crop duster?"

That my spirituality wasn't a beautiful, sleek, jet.

Years have passed and I still wonder mediate on that "aside."

What's wrong with being a crop duster?

I am a Lay Dominican, and not a monk like AQ.  I should be out dusting the crops.  I'd like to soar like a jet, off the aircraft carrier and into the heavens.  I'm working on that.  But right now, the crops need tending.

Do you think when I go on retreat, I'll have the opportunity to soar like a jet?

You'll be the first to know.    Oremus.

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