Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Apostle of Prisons Mimics St. Dominic

Pere Marie Jean-Joseph will be beatified in four days--June 3, 2012.  In reading Hope Beyond Hope, by Sister Emmanuelle-Marie, O.P., I can see that Pere Lataste is following the example of St. Dominic.  Page 61, asserts that the religious foundation that Lataste wished to be begin had to be Dominican.  Didn't Dominic begin the Order by creating a convent made up of women converted from the Cathar heresy, that permitted all kinds of sexual abuse, in the name of some kind of sadomasochistic contempt of the human body?  Didn't he give these women the task of sustaining his preaching, and his future friars, through their prayers and contemplative life?

And so Pere Lataste would emulate St. Dominic.  The preacher of the prison of Cadillac wanted to entrust all victims of evil to the Dominicans of Bethany.  He wanted them to pray like St. Dominic, praying all night.  He wanted them to be like Mary Magdalene, apostles of the Resurrection.  He wanted them to be holy.

These are the Dominican Sisters of Bethany.

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