Monday, May 14, 2012

Prayer Request

Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P.
During the process towards sainthood, there are some procedures to follow.  The steps are Servant of God, Venerable, Blessed, and Saint.  Miracles have to be accepted as true to pass through these stages.  Praying for the intercession of the candidate for a miracle has to be proven.  This is exactly what we're trying to do for Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P.  He was a missionary in the northwestern part of the United States.  He also founded the Dominican Sinsinawa Sisters.  You can read more about him on the sisters' site.

More urgently, I'm begging you to pray for a fellow Lay Dominican, Mr. Norm Larendeau, O.P.   Norm has been battling acute leukemia since August, 2011.  He is now on palliative chemo.  Please pray.  And make sure you pray for a miracle through the intercession of Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P.  

Thank you.  God bless.

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