Saturday, May 12, 2012


Father, in his homily today said that you can tell what kind of person, someone is, by the way they drive.  Oh-oh.

By the seat of my pants?

Well, today I was lost, twice.  But I never panic.  After all, I'm female.  I ask directions.  I also never panic.  I figure I'll just figure it out.  Like today...

Kim and I went to a Region I Spring Regional Meeting.  I was using my GPS, but I don't trust it.  Not since I was just starting to go over the Jamestown bridge, and the GPS told me to take a sharp right.

Anyway, I made one wrong turn and ignored the "recalculating," and just cut through an alley.

We were not so fortunate coming home.  Kim had to get to work, so I was stressed.  I got on the highway going South, when I wanted to go North.  I should have listened to the GPS.

In trying to correct, I ran into a detour and got stuck going through downtown traffic, twice.  Finally, I was back on the highway going North, but in the wrong lane, and was forced to go a route North that I didn't know.  What could I do?  I continue on and headed north all the way, until I finally recognized where I was.

Now according to Father Izzo's theory, what kind of person am I?

Kim said I bring him to prayer.

That's a good thing.  Isn't it?

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