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Monday, May 27, 2024

The Start

 My friend, Jordi, is writing seriously, now.  He's quit his day job and is writing as much as he can.  He kept giving me excerpts, so I've read his first issue in his Julian Bacardi Files, piece meal.  It kind of spoiled the plot.  What I mean is, I've read his first book, A Lover's Trick: The Julian Bacardi Files, Book 1: Sofia Greco, piece meal.

I think I want to invite him to my book club, to speak, but of course, they have to have read his book.  The story is excellent, except...except...well, he has quite a bit of sexual erotica in it.  Reflecting in the whole story, it's kind of necessary.  The plot would not be as good, without it. There is no way, you could take it out, and have as good a story.

The idea is that he's a Dominican priest, whose ministry is working with the drug addicts, and dealers, prostitutes, etc.  His deacon is incomprehensibly murdered.  I say it was hard to understand how the good deacon, newly a father, could have ever been involved with prostitutes.  Trying to figure out the why, involves Padre Juli deeply into a prostitution ring. The good Dominican friar is trapped.  He comes out a bad Dominican, in that he breaks his vows of celibacy. 

Reflecting again, how could a Dominican friar ever work undercover in a drug, arms, prostitution ring?  It isn't possible.  Dominican friars live a half-cloistered life.  He has the Divine Office to pray in choir, he has a daily Mass to celebrate, he has to obey his prior, who would never allow one of his friars, the freedom Padre Juli has.  He has to be a bad priest and in the end of the book, Juli is leaving the religious life and priesthood.

Good.  Now, we have more books coming. 

Padre Juli becomes Detective Julian Bacardi.

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