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Monday, May 20, 2024

Nero Wannabe

 This book is well named.  Macabre Trophies by Declan Rush is a dark thriller.  It is about a deranged person who named himself Nero.  The reader won't know who Nero is, until the end.  You guess during the entire story.

I received this book as a gift.  I liked it right away because the setting is my area of Cape Cod.  There's Boston references, too.  I knew everything the characters talked about.  That made me enjoy the story, all the more.

The tale begins with Nero's childhood.  Nero came from mentally damaged people, which is why he was such a sicko.  He killed people and played his violin.  Somehow, he received sexual pleasure from his gruesome deeds.  He kept the eyes of certain people, so that when they died, they wouldn't see God.  (I told you he was mentally sick!)  He kept the eyes in jars.  

The crimes are solved by a new reporter, who had just changed jobs.  He was a bartender and wanted a career change.  Meet J.T. O'Rourke.  Besides a new job, he wanted a new neighborhood, so he moved from Boston to Cape Cod.  He also wanted to acquire a new girlfriend, Echo.  Echo is a townie and knows everyone.  She's the newspaper's photographer.  

The author graphically describes his murders.  Sometimes, it's just too much.  Because of the macabre details, I wouldn't recommend this book for everyone. You won't sleep.

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