Monday, January 1, 2018


At this time of year, the birth stories from Matthew and Luke that we read, are not historical texts.  They are called Midrash.  Luke 2: 1-20 and Matthew 18 - 2:23 are the birth narratives.

Midrash according to the American College Dictionary is what Jewish interpretation of scripture is called.  It doesn't seem to be an exact science.  The author is describing the significance of what happened.

I can identify. When telling the story, I am annoyed when I am interrupted by someone to correct a detail.  To me, the detail isn't relevant.  The significance of the point I'm trying to convey is what is important. 

Does it matter whether Jesus was born in a manger or a cave?  No, the significance is that his birthing took place in poor surroundings.

Do you care whether among Jesus' visitors were shepherds, angels, and/or magi?  I don't think the guest list has any effect on whether or not He was born.

Jesus was born.  It happened.  What is important is that the fulfillment of mankind's hope was born.

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