Friday, January 12, 2018

Culture Shock

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a book review on The Revenge of Mothers by Jim Fergus.  I loved that book.  And it was a sequel.  It was a sequel to One Thousand White Women.  Since I loved the sequel so much I read the first book, One Thousand White Women.  The book did not disappoint me.  It is a page-turner.  I learned a lot of history.  I did a lot of googling searching for people and events. Even though it's fiction, it's historical fiction and rings truer than truth.e

The women were an experiment.  The US government gave the women to the Indians in exchange for horses.  What could go wrong?

People gum up the works.  Love, hate, and revenge, etc. take turns rearing their heads.  The women adjust to their new culture, for the most part.  They may even love their new husbands, but forces beyond their control run them over.  What can I say without spoiling it for you? 

The characters are nicely drawn out.  You'll know them and make friends with them.  You'll care what happens to them.  The events will draw you in.  You'll be googling like I did. You'll also close the book with sadness.  Too bad I read the sequel, first.  Now, I can't continue the story, because I want to read more.

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