Thursday, January 18, 2018

Just a Picture

A friend gave me a book last year, that his parish was giving out to everybody.  It was a book about the apparition at Fatima.  2017 was the 100th year since the event.  The book is Meet The Witnesses OF The Miracle OF The Sun, by John Haffert and it was published to honor the centenary celebrations. 
The book explains what happened and has eyewitness accounts.  I've been reading a few pages a night, until a friend told me he was going on a trip to Portugal and Fatima is on the itinerary.  Then he asked if there were anything I wanted him to bring back for me.  I hurried up my reading so I could give my friend the book.

I've been thinking about what I'd like him to get for me, and I've decided that all I want is a picture of the real apparition statue of Mary--not the Fatima Pilgrim statue.  See the post where I explain the difference between the two statues.

I think I'll enlarge his picture and frame it. 

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