Monday, January 22, 2018

A Heartbreaking Meditation

My "cloistered brothers" and I were in a meditation group, today.  The scene was set.

You're on the beach alone.  The weather is warm with a cooling breeze.  No one is in the water and no one is on the beach.  You take a deep breath of refreshing salty air.  You can feel the salty breeze and a little ocean spray, once in a while.  You take another breath of fresh air and open your eyes and look around.
     Off in the far distance, you see a black dot.  You think it's moving.  Yes, it is moving closer and getting bigger.  You calmly watch the black dot walk into being a person.  The person becomes an adult male.  Gradually you can distinguish hair and clothes.
     You somehow just know that it is Jesus Christ.
     You wait for Him to reach you.  His eyes are sparkling and He is wearing a smile.
      He speaks.  What does He say to you?
       What do you say?
       Then Jesus nods in understanding, turns around, and slowly walks back to where He came from.

I loved this meditation!  I pictured the dot walking to me and the minute I recognized Who it was I ran to Him ... and jumped His bones!  He said, "Good job."  I said, "I did my best."  Then when He turned around, I followed Him.  I was right behind Him.  He wasn't getting away from me.


One of my "cloistered brother's" meditation saddened me.  He said, Jesus never came close to Him.  He never reached him.  Jesus walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and ...

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