Friday, January 5, 2018

Adventure in Bereavement Land

Adventures in Bereavement Land by Kathy Salzberg is my latest book.  The author is in my writer's group, The Senior Scribblers.  Here's her website:     She has written quite a few books.  I hesitate to list them because it may not be complete (she might have completed another one).

Confessions of a Mad Groomer
How to Start a Home Based Pet Care Business
The Everything Small Dog Book
How to Start a Home Based Grooming Business
The Dog Bible
Adventures in Bereavement Land

She is a busy lady.  She is also very funny.  Everyone enjoys her.  She always tries to find the humor in situations.  She was telling us a riotous story about the tenants above her apartment.  She had us in stitches.  Someone said that she would have told the management.  But Kathy sees the humor in the situation.  She said when it bothers her, she and the cat talk about the giants upstairs.

I thought I would read one of her books.  Since I don't own a dog, the only one left was Adventures in Bereavement Land. I recommended the book to the parish nurse, who facilitates a bereavement group.  I hope she didn't recommend the book to the greaving people in the group because it would have been inappropriate.  I hadn't read the book before I recommended it.  Not that it's not a good read.  On the contrary, it's very good.  It's that I thought Adventures in Bereavement Land would give advice on the stages of grief that people go through, a la Elisabeth Kubler Ross.  Instead, the adventures are about the search for love, both physical and emotional.  It was presented very tastefully and humorously, but it definitely wasn't for a church group in the first throes of grief. 

The author draws her characters very well.  Aunt Irma and her guy, Lefty, are sweethearts.  Aunt Irma was always upbeat and positive.  She was the perfect go-to person for advice and a pep talk.  She was my favorite character.  I also was happy that the ending was positive.  The ending offered hope.  It.  was an easy read, too.  Just perfect.

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