Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Wisdom of the Drunk

Oftentimes I dismiss what some people say because I know them to be drunks, or potheads, or just plain contrarians.  This morning's reading in Chapter, gave me pause to reconsider my actions. 

We are reading Timothy Radcliffe's I Call You Friends, and in the chapter, "To Praise, to Bless, To Preach: The Mission of the Dominican Family," Father Timothy explains it is exactly because someone struggles with alcoholism, drugs, emotional and mental issues, that they know whereof they speak.

Every one of us is a wounded preacher.  But the good news is that we are preachers
because we are wounded...  We have a word of hope and mercy because we have
needed them ourselves.
I, of all people, who volunteer in a prison, who profess to believe in redemption, should know better.  I have seen how men who have been wounded can help others who have been wounded.  Don't I who have three children, run to my sister who had six children for advice?  Direct experience is more valuable than any other kind.

So listen to those who have borne similar crosses like yours.  They have wisdom you just might need.

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