Friday, November 3, 2017

The Cosmic Tree

You learn something new every day.  Yesterday, in the Catholic religion, was the Commemoration of All Souls--where we honor our deceased loved ones. I would have gone to the cemetery but since I live far away from my family's graves, I did my best to remember them.  I went to Mass at St. Joseph's.  This church has a statue of St. Joseph in front of it.

After Mass, after my prayers of thanksgiving, I looked out the open doors as I walked down the aisle.  I was startled to see an all white figure at the entrance.  I knew it was the statue, but it looked ghostly.  I thought it would make a cool blog post on All Souls Day.  I was using my iPhone as a camera.  So this is a digital photo.  This is what a digital camera did with the light.

This tree, which looks like a cypress tree is even cooler than my ghost picture, on All Souls Day. The Cypress Tree is a widespread theme in literature, mythologies, and cultures, as a symbol of the deceased living eternally.

It is called the Tree of Life in the Turkish Ottoman Empire.  Trees were carved on walls, cemeteries, etc., to represent the human souls living on.  It's in Greek mythology, Islam, even Scandinavian legends.  Read for yourself the interesting connections at "Notes on The tree of Life."

A cypress tree on All Souls Day!  My friend Jordi told me the significance of the cypress tree.  Hat tip to Jordi Perez!

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