Sunday, November 5, 2017

The New Evangelization and the Nones

The New Evangelization and the Nones:  Click on this link and you will read an article by Father Roger Landry.  He attended the Erasmus Lecture, hosted by First Things Magazine.  Father Landry's article relates the speaker's Talk.  The speaker is Bishop Robert Barron and his topic was "The New Evangelization and the Nones."  Please click and read the link.

I wonder if Father Landry has the inclination to talk too long and is looking to justify this propensity.  I'm speculating because Father Landry writes that we dumb down the faith.  He criticizes vapid textbooks and catechetical methods, and also the content of our priests' homilies.

.. the mistaken assumption that people cannot handle more than 8-12 minutes of back-patting encouragement, even though evangelical Protestants -- who go to the same schools and live in the same culture -- are somehow capable of listening to their ministers for 45 minutes. 

 My experience tells me differently.  My evangelical Protestant friends are capable of listening for 45 minutes but do not comprehend or grasp everything for 45 minutes.  Just about everybody is able to listen for 45 minutes.  Don't we all go to school and listen to teachers for 45-50 minutes?  But what do we get out of it?  Do we all get A+?

Any class in customer service will tell you that the customer is bored in long presentations.  Brief is  best.  Anybody in Toastmasters will tell you that for the average audience, two-three minutes is all people can handle. Naturally, it depends on the audience.  But a church congregation is aimed for the average person.  Brief is best.

Ironically, I doubt that Bishop Barron himself would recommend giving a long homily.  Word on Fire Ministries, founded by Bishop Barron perfects the short video.     That would be hypocritical of him.

How much do you want to bet Father Landry's homilies are on the long side?

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