Sunday, November 26, 2017


Let me feel Your Presence, my God.
     When I take offense
     When I am wounded
     When I am sad
     When I am afraid
     When I am angry
     When I am uncomfortable
     When I am confused
     When I fell all alone.

How long will the world turn to evil?
     Why do people chase money
     Why do people chase power
     Why do people chase sex
     Why do people chase celebrities
     Why do people chase fame
     Why do people chase riches
     Why do people chase lies
     Why do people chase the worthless?

Many pray for better times.
     We pray for an end to violence
     We pray for an end to division
     We pray for an end to sickness
     We pray for an end to hate
     We pray for an end to jealousy
     We pray for an end to inequality
     We pray for an end to our waiting.

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