Thursday, November 9, 2017

Are You Elijah?

Same height, same physique,
same wild hair and beard,
same rope belt, same diet,
crying out the same song.

Are you Elijah?

No, Elijah didn't leap in his mother's womb.
Elijah kept his head and rode to heaven.
John carried Elijah's spirit and voice
but he was not Elijah.

John is not Elijah.

John points to another of prophetic call.
Is this the holy one?  Is this Elijah?
No, this One is the Messiah.
This is Jesus the Christ.

The Messiah has come.

Unless you are looking for that great
and terrible day when Jesus returns.
Then fire will come down from
heaven and consume men.

                                       Malachi 3:23

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