Saturday, June 10, 2017

Can I donate my body to science?

Can I donate my body to science?: is an article in The Pilot by Father Tad Pacholezyk.  The answer is yes.  But make sure you know what's going to happen to it. You don't want your body desecrated.  After its research needs are completed, you would want your body buried in a respectful manner.  You may have a grave site and stone designated and waiting for your remains.

You have to take into consideration the sensibilities of your family. Are they OK with the idea.  There are a few more concerns that the article mentions.

Personally, about a month ago, I went to the funeral mass of my friend's mother.  There was no coffin at the mass.  There was a table with her mom's picture on it.  The mass was the usual funeral mass.  It was an especially beautiful mass because the music was chosen AND sung by the granddaughters.  Of course, the readings were chosen and read by her children.  The only thing different was the absence of the coffin.

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