Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Priest's Life

This is a review of Father Richard Infante's Last Priest Standing.  It is a book of short stories.  So I can't give you a summary of the novel.  I like reading short stories because most of my reading is in bed.  So completing a story lets me go to sleep without wondering what's going happen.

I like some of the stories better than others.  But all of them give the reader a look inside a priest's life, e.i. what he feels, thinks, and the stress he feels.  Unlike Flannery O'Connor, who can be dark, Infante is never gloomy.  The priest character may be going through some stressful situations but there's always hope. Surprisingly, even though the stories always end with hope, they're not the same.  The reader still roots for the priest and is happy that he's back on track.

It's easy to read, and fun, too.

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