Friday, June 2, 2017

Blessed with Pizza

Friday's I get weighed in, in TOPS.  So I don't eat until after I get weighed.  Weigh-ins are at noon.  So I fast until then.  No big whoop.  Well, I've decided to fast all day on Friday for religious reasons.  Fasting always has been a spiritual discipline. I take my thoughts of food and feelings of hunger and offer them up as prayers.  I'm suffering like Jesus.  I'm transposing my pains for greater unity with Jesus.

But I'm not one of those who "show-off" that I'm fasting.  I don't announce it to the world.  So when Judy, who was doing the program in TOPS, today, talked about the nutritional value of eggs and gave us all an egg to eat, I ate it.  I also thanked God for this blessing.

The blessings continue.  Hubby came home tonight with a pizza.

Thank you, Jesus!

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