Friday, August 12, 2016

People Need to Be Close to their Pastor

WYD 2016: Source of Hope: When Bishop Barron arrived in Kraków for the 2016 World Youth Day, he was pretty exhausted, having left Los Angeles some fifteen hours earlier and having had to change planes in Munich. But he was excited to meet the very same group of people, (in the photo) that Pope John Paul II had ministered to--as a parish priest--as a pastor--as a bishop--as an archbishop--as a cardinal-- and YES, even as a pope.  He still kept in touch with them and met with them consistently, yearly, until he died.  Read the article, click on the link.

Personally, I don't know a single parish priest that comes close.  Although, I do know some religious order priests that keep in touch with their friends, like JPII.  Why?

Once, when I was in the abbey, alone in prayer, I was asking God for inspiration.  I needed a speaker for a women's club.  I listened for an answer.  I heard the door open.  I looked up and saw my favorite parish priest walk in.  THANK YOU JESUS!

We smiled at each other and I approached him and told him that I was praying for a speaker and he walked in--the answer to my prayers.  He was in my parish last year and was transferred, so I knew everyone would enjoy seeing him again.  He sadly told me it was against the rules to associate with former parishioners.

??????  I'm not sure that's exactly true, but have you ever heard anything so wrongheaded?  Thank God for priests like Karol Wojtyla.  

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