Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Catholic Bucket List

10 Things To Do As A Catholic Before You're Dead by Mark Shea got me thinking.  Those things are Mark Shea's things, not mine.  I hate to travel.  I hate to drive.  I hate getting up off the couch.  Fortunately for me, nowadays, I don't have to; I've got TV and a computer and I know how to read (Thank You! Jesus!)

So here is my bucket list of things to do at home, on the couch.

(1)  Go on retreat.  Virtually.
(2)  Go to a shrine.  Virtually.                                                                            
(3)  Go to a Cathedral.  Virtually.
(4)  Go to a Basilica.  Virtually.
(5)  Go to Mass in Latin.  Virtually.
(6)  Go to Rome.  Virtually.
(7)  Go to the Holy Land.  Virtually
(8)  Watch Bishop Barron's Word on Fire.
(9)  Watch Catholic TV and/or listen to Catholic radio.
(10)  Get in the habit of praying a Daily Rosary.

More to do if you're more ambitious but you shouldn't have to leave your state.

(1)  Go to a Life in the Spirit Seminar.
(2)  Go to a Cursillo.
(3)  Do a stint in a soup kitchen.
(4)  Visit a sick friend.
(5)  Visit someone in prison.
(6)  Go to Confession
(7)  Get in the habit of going to Daily Mass.
(8)  Join a Scripture Sharing Group or Bible Study.
(9)  Go to Talks.
(10)  Go to the library, which you can order from the couch, but you have to go out to go get the books.

Whatever you do, pray for me.

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