Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Necklace Rosaries

Aleteia this morning had an article by my favorite Kat.  That's Katrina Fernandez.  Her article is about a young girl who wears an heirloom rosary as a piece of jewelry.  Rosaries are sacred to Catholics, so understandably, this drives them nuts.  Kat advises us to cool it.  Rather than freak out, she suggests (very sensibly) to use it as an evangelization tool.

Carry pamphlets explaining how to pray the rosary.  Now when you meet someone wearing a rosary, ask them if they pray it.  If the response is in the negative, then express the idea that wearing something you don't understand is a pity.  Give them a pamphlet and say, "Read this and you'll appreciate what you're wearing and advertising and you'll be able to explain what it means. May God bless you with introducing His Mother Mary to you."

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