Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lay Dominican Fun

Our Lady of Mercy Chapter of Lay Dominicans roasted our chapter president, today.  We played a quiz type game of "How Well Does Our President Know His Chapter?"

Drawing by MEK

Each person in our chapter filled out a 20 question paper, as did the president, Peter.  Then we took the chapter's answers and collated them.  Peter's answers should have corresponded with the majority of the chapter's.  They didn't.  He flunked.  So at the end, we all crumpled up our papers and threw that at him, like we were stoning him.

Some questions were serious: Out of the four Dominican pillars, which is the chapter's strongest?
                                                 Out of the four Dominican pillars, which is our weakest?
                                                 What is the Dominican Study Group reading?

Some questions were silly:  Who has the best singing voice?
                                              Who is the grouchiest in the chapter?
                                              Who makes the worst coffee?

Most were just OK:  Who has been in the chapter the longest?
                                  Who doesn't know the Salve Regina?
                                   Who is in charge of our prayer intentions book?

But in the end, we all had a good time, especially, the president, Peter.

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