Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Hero

The want ad should read, "Wanted A Hero/someone to keep the snakes out of the Garden of Eden."

Well, who put them there in the first place?  God did, because He wanted to be freely loved and chosen, by Adam and Eve. Obedience is done willingly when love is the foundation of one's actions.  Adam and Eve were disobedient.  They could have called out to God, Who is everywhere.  "Help?"  "What do You Think?"  But they didn't.  They also, never said they were sorry.

Worse, I'm particularly disappointed in Adam.  He was right there.  He was created first and should have been the first to show initiative.  He did nothing to defend Eve.  He did nothing to protect her.  He said and did nothing.  A real hero would have defended his bride from the snake.  He would have given his life for her.  

Then along comes Jesus to right this wrong.  My kind of Hero. He gives Himself completely.  I cannot make up for that original sin.  No one can, except Jesus.  Jesus the Hero fight to the death for me and you.  He's a real epic hero.  He gives us salvation.

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