Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mirrors of Mercy

Mirrors of Mercy is the title of a brand new book.  So new, I can't find it on the web.  I have an advance copy.  My Litany for my "cloistered brothers," is in it. It is a collection of reflections from my "cloistered brothers," volunteers, and friends.  Since this is a year of mercy, proclaimed by Pope Francis, and coincidentally, the 800th anniversary of the Order of Preachers (my "cloistered brothers" belong) and also, the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany (whose spirituality we follow), my "cloistered brothers" thought they'd commemorate the occasions with their own book or reflections.

Mirrors of Mercy is published by a new company, Quail Publishing, Inc., which I also can't find on the web.  The company publishes books authored by women and men who are currently and formerly incarcerated.  The inside cover reads:

Today, nearly 2.4 million women and men are locked up in America's prisons and jails.  Many have a voice they desperately want to share.  Most, unfortunately, have no way to cross the vast physical, ideological and technical gap that separates them from general society.  QVP bridges this breach, allowing the inspired creativity of prisoners to flow past confining steel bars, razor wires, and concrete walls into the free world.

To find out how you can help
Quail Valley Publishing accomplish this work,
contact us at:

Qual Valley Publishing
PO Box 356
Hats Summit, MO 65043

The book itself is composed of reflections, poems, stories and artwork by MEK (whom I often post).  This poem is fun.

Mercy's Madness

My brokenness sings, because...
mercy fixes my stupid things...
The pain I bring,
when my humor zing's, when my heart breaks, anger
fares and swings, Mercy calms life's unkind dings...

My brokenness sings, because...Mercy fixes my stupid
things...when the darkness cover's,
the depth of my despair,
God's mercy makes its repair, placing a heart that care's
strength to bear, what sin tears...

My brokenness sings, because...  Mercy fixes my stupid things...
thank you GOD, for,
Mercy's madness, for you to constantly grant me the
grace, the forgiveness that mercy brings, over and over
again is truly that can be called,

Mercy's Madness___

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Shannon said...

The book is available on And there was an article about it in the National Catholic Reporter's latest issue.

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