Sunday, March 6, 2016

Laudete Sunday

Alice Camille and Father Jack Sullivan
The Catholic Women's Club had its annual Communion Breakfast, this morning.  Our speaker was Alice Camille, who writes Exploring The Sunday Readings.  We had a bigger than usual crowd, who I'm sure were not disappointed in Alice's talk.  The priest was even taking notes!  Usually, they don't even stay, they eat and skip out as soon as possible.  So the fact that a priest stayed for the entire meal, not only the speech, and took notes, was a memorable event for the club.  May God bless Father Jack.

When I first asked Alice Camille to come speak to the club, she asked, "When?"  I responded, "Laudete Sunday."  Alice blinked a hundred times, and kind teacher, who she is explained, "Gaudete Sunday is in Advent.  Laetare Sunday is in Lent.  There's no such Sunday, as Laudete."

So this morning Alice spoke about opening the door to God's mercy.  He's always there, isn't He?  We just have to ask for it.  She was perfect--the right length.  She didn't speak over our heads.  She was interesting.  Everyone enjoyed it.  May God bless Alice Camille.

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