Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Ministry of Being A Lector

I forget the question.  But this morning I found myself defending my reason for going to two different Bible groups.  The simple answer is because I "lector".  I read the Bible readings at Mass to the congregation.  Don't you think that anyone who proclaims the Word in public, should be deeply in love  with scripture?  I love the Word.  I never tire of learning and discussing scripture.  I belong to two Bible groups.  One is not even in my parish.  That one is Bible sharing, in which we read the coming Sunday's readings, some commentary, and then share our interpretations.  My parish has a Bible Study that follows a Little Rock Scripture Workbook.

As a lector I hope to not just read the words written down on the page. I aim to convey my own understanding of the word of God that is inside my heart.  Also, I hope my life gives witness to my faith experience.  I need to thoroughly digest the readings and make them part of my faith.  I need to experience the meaning of what I read.

Do I succeed?  I pray that I do.  Pray for me.

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