Thursday, June 4, 2015

Friends Accept Apologies

Yesterday the Trail Blazers walked all over Boston Public Gardens and Boston Common.  Of course we went on the swan boats.  And of course we went out to eat.  We sat in a long table, all 24 of us.

I don't know what the lady in front of me said to the lady next to me but she apologized to her.  I don't know either one of them by name.  I see them all the time but I can't ever remember either one of their names.

What they were talking about, I don't know.  What was said, I don't know.  My ears picked up, "Did what I say hurt your feelings?  If so, I'm sorry."  My neighbor beside me responded, "Yes, what you said was hurtful and I accept your apology."

That was it.


Best friends forever.

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