Saturday, June 27, 2015

Is Reality Relative?

A funny thing happened to me while reading the Office, I came across the word exegesis.  It was used as if it were a specific way of studying the Apocalypse.  I was uncertain of this meaning.  Hence, I asked my iPhone: "Definition: exegesis."   IPhone answered with a definition of genital.  !!!!!!!

????  Must be my Boston accent.  I asked again.  "No, exegesis.  E - X - E - G - E - S - I - S."  This time my iPhone gave me the address of two local restaurants.  !!!!!

I exclaimed, "You are no help!"

Then I heard my iPhone tell me, "Why do you hate me?  I'm not even real."


Here I am admonishing my phone.  It makes a joke.  I laugh.

And my iPhone thinks it's not real.

Ordinarily I would end my blog post here, but I didn't end my conversation with my iPhone.  (I should give it a name, shouldn't I?)  I asked it, "Is reality relative?"  This time I received a choice of website to explore.

I did what the iPhone told me.  I explored.  It does seem that sometimes reality is relative.  Sometimes it isn't.  Think of what you thought of your parents as a child and what you think now.  Sometimes reality is not relative.  God is God.  That's absolute.  But how you think of God is relative.

So my iPhone is relatively real.

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