Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm in Awe of Sinisa

Last May when the bishop came to confirmation, a seminarian accompanied him.  His name was Sinisa Ubiparipovic.  That's why I remember him.  His name is unique.  Sinisa rhymes with awe.

I saw him at Mass today.  An expression on a young man's face drew my attention.  He was doing some serious praying.  I had to pull myself away from his look of rapture.  And I found myself praying for his faith and devotion.

Afterwards, I went over to him and said "You look familiar."  I was just making that up because I wanted some excuse to talk to him.

When we introduced ourselves, we both immediately remembered each other, from confirmation.  And for the same reason--our names.

Sinisa told me that he will be ordained this May.  He invited me to his ordination and first Mass.  I've got to remember him in my prayers, and I'm asking you, too, to pray for him.  He's going to make a fine priest.

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