Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Tonight, I was talking to an ex-con who told me he owes his life to CRA.  CRA is Correctional Recovery Advocacy.  It was this treatment program that transformed his life.  Before the program, people always thought of him as a loser and he believed them.  He was a loser.  But in CRA, he learned that he didn't have to let his past define him.  What people thought about him, was something he couldn't control.  It shouldn't matter to him because he knew better than them, that he was different than what people thought.

Once he made up his mind to be the best version of himself, he was really on his way.  He wanted to be the best he could be.  He started joining different groups to better himself.  One of these new initiatives was Cursillo--and he was on his way.

Meeting Jesus was a Damascene experience.  Someone loved him for himself.  God loved him, always, even when he was a loser.  God created him and he was made good.

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