Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

A funny thing happened to me this week.  A publisher who I write book reviews for, asked me to write a review.  The book looked interesting, so I agreed.  The very next day the author nixed the plan.  He said that my view was too Catholic conservative, for his book.

It seems that the Catholic liberals think I'm too conservative, and the Catholic conservatives think I'm too liberal.  That's fine with me.  To me it means I'm fair.  I'm where God needs me.

Today, I'm needed to connect with my fellow bloggers on the site This And That And The Other Thing.  On Sundays, we link together to see what we did all week.  We catch up.

Before I talk about my week, I want to add to our discussion as to what resources to use during Lent.  My recommendation is people.  That's right.  I'm assigning everyone to deliberately make someone smile, every day.  I do it by complementing:

"That color looks good on you."
"You look happy and healthy, today."
"I like your hair like that."
"Your smile makes me smile."

Get the idea?  Since I've been doing that, (especially, when I don't go anywhere, and have to compliment family members), I find myself thinking about that person, during the day.  Often, I'm moved to pray for them.

This is turning out to be the best Lent I've ever had.

Back to what happened during the week:

Monday -- A reflection.

Tuesday -- The first day of my Lenten mission.

Wednesday -- Book review

Thursday -- Ray's Reflection.

Friday -- A Prayer for Lectors.

Saturday -- I advertised for Trinity Stores.

How was your week?  How's your Lent going?  Visit our link up at R'Ann's and see what we did this week.

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