Monday, March 10, 2014

The Long Way Home

I always take the long way home.  I enjoy being stuck behind a school bus.  It makes me smile to see the children jump off the bus into a parent’s arms.  They walk away together grinning and talking.

I always take the long way home.  Did you know that St. Mary’s Angelus bells answer Dean College’s?  It’s like listening to a choir chant antiphonally.

I always take the long way home.  Did you know that Route 109 dog-legs around Medway Community Church?

I always take the long way home.  Whenever I go buy the prisons in Walpole and Norfolk, I am moved to pray.  So many people have broken lives. 

I say, “I always take the long way home,” but that’s a recently adopted philosophy.  You see, I’ve settled into retirement mode.  The rhythm of my life has changed, and I walk to the beat of a different drummer, now.  When I was working, I didn’t walk.  I marched!  I marched to the beat of a fast pace world.  I was in the race. 

I always took short cuts.  Getting behind a school bus would make my blood pressure soar.  And watching a mother “chit chat” with the school bus driver drove me insane!  “Good grief!  Are they oblivious to the line of traffic waiting?”

I always avoided down town Franklin, especially Dean College.  Those students always dashed across the street like a stray cat.

I also avoided Rte. 109 during rush hours.  Does everybody live in Bellingham? 

I never used to give the poor souls in prisons a thought.  I never prayed while I drove.  I never noticed the brilliant fall colors.  I never slowed down to enjoy watching the ducklings cross the road.

I never listened to the music of life.  Now, I always take the long way home.

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