Monday, March 3, 2014

The Chase is On

Chasing Prophecy by James Moser is young adult fiction.  Mo is the main character.  He’s likeable and he likes Prophecy.  Prophecy is a girl who goes to school with Mo.  Her real name was Cassandra, but her mother joined a cult and brought her daughter, “Kazzy,” a/k/a Prophecy, with her.  Everyone in the cult changed their first name, and took the last name Bethlehem.  They all lived on Bethlehem ranch.

Actually, I liked the cult’s lifestyle.  It was like one big family.  But nothing’s perfect.  The government was suspicious of Bethlehem ranch.  They had their eyes on the ranch’s administration, since Bethlehem ranch claimed religious dispensation from paying taxes; Big Brother Uncle Sam, wanted to see their books.  Bethlehem Ranch refused.  The government was bringing them to court.  Lawyers and court fees cost money.  In order to pay the lawyers et al, Bethlehem’s leaders were making and selling drugs.

Mo and his best friend get involved.  They inadvertently get their picture taken holding the dope.  Readers will know that this bodes trouble.  Trouble with capital “T,” falls on top of Prophecy and her  Mom.  They hide out with Mo and his MomZ (author’s capitulation to current cultural sexual/matrimonial fad). 

The FBI with Prophecy’s and everybody’s help, reign in the bad guys.  How, is the story. I don’t want to give any spoilers.  The story is original.  It’s suspenseful.  The pace is fast.  The characterization is believable.  Young adults will go for it.  I think they’ll go for it, big time.  My only complaint is MomZ.  Mo’s mother is remarried to another woman.  That’s why Mo calls the two of them MomZ (He has two mothers.) This addition adds absolutely nothing to the story.  It really has nothing to do with anything.  I think the author just stuck it in because it’s the latest fad to have GLBT people.  If James Moser wanted a nontraditional family, he could have had grandparents, uncle, etc.  I guess that’s not as hep as MomZ.  But this is my pet peeve.  Don’t let my view detract from the story; it’s good; it’s super; it’s an excellent read.

I did receive an e-copy of , from Chasing Prophecy by James Moser, from Tribute books, but I was not compensated to write a favorable review.  This is my honest evaluation.

Format/Price: Ebook ($2.99)
Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Paranormal
Pages: 237
Release: December 31, 2013
Publisher: Skookum Trail

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