Wednesday, March 26, 2014

God blesses Old People

Sometimes it pays to be an old lady, in an old truck, going to Mass.

I had just turned the corner on Blackstone St.  I wanted to make the light so I had sped up a bit.  I hit Blackstone St. at 40 mph.  Across the street, I saw a police cruiser put on his lights and start up.

He made a "U" turn and was behind me.  I pulled over.

He did too.  He stopped but stayed in his car.

I prayed.  I also took out my license and started rifling in the glove compartment for the vehicle registration.

The policeman remained in his vehicle for an inordinately long time.  I thought he was probably running a check on my truck.

When he approached me, he asked me where I was going.  I responded, "St. Blaise."

Then he said, "Did you know you were going 40 mph in front of a school?"

I replied that I didn't realize it.  That's the entire conversation.  I handed my license and registration and he just took it and went back to his police cruiser.

Meanwhile, I prayed in an honest manner.  I was going 40 mph.  I deserved to be punished.  But I was praying for mercy.  Still, I recognized my sin and resolved not to drive so fast, anymore.

I was willing to accept God's judgement and punishment.  His will be done.

When the cop came back, he just told me not drive so fast.  "Go and sin no more."

Whew!  Not even a warning.  Sometimes it pays to be a simple old lady fingering her Rosary.

I've been grateful all day.  It's only through God's grace that I'm not paying higher insurance premiums caused by my lead foot.  He is too good to me.  I know it.

Upon reflection, I thought of King David killing Uriah.  His repentance was not unlike mine.  We used the same formula:

Understand the sin
No excuses
Desire for reform
Appeal for God's mercy
Recognition that it's only through God's grace was I forgiven

Have mercy on me, God, in your goodness; in your abundant compassion blot out my offense.

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