Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spectacular Spring

The princess wanted some flowers to put on the kitchen table.  She planned to pretty up the table with delicate napkins, colorful placemats, and some pretty flowers.  Mother was cooking a dinner for the family and the little princess wanted to help.

Mother had put her in charge of setting the table.  That’s why flowers were needed.  This was the first time the princess set the table and so it had to be spectacular.

The princess opened the door to go outside and immediately the cold air hit her.  “Oh, I need my coat,” she thought.  Back outside, the princess looked around, but the ground was covered in white snow.  “Oh no.”

Dejectedly, the princess went back inside the house.  She went and told her mother her plans.  “But the flowers are all covered up with snow.”

“You could draw flowers.” Mother added, hopefully.

The princess didn’t care for that suggestion.  She wanted flowers in a vase. 

The princess sighed.

As she looked out the sunny window, she noticed a robin sitting on a tree branch.  The branch had red and green buds on it.  That’s it!  She’ll cut some little branches.  They’ll serve as the table’s centerpiece.

There, spring has certainly sprung.  The sun is shining.  Everyone is sitting around the table, happily chatting.  The napkins have flower decorations.  And the centerpiece is a gathering of small budding branches, just a few, the princess didn't
want to spoil the tree’s sprouting.

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