Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pilate Didn't Get It

John 19: 34-37  When Pilate asked Jesus, "Art thou the king of the Jews?", He didn't have a lawyer.  If He did, He would have remained silent and let his legal counsel do His talking for Him.  After all, He didn't do a very good job of defending Himself.  In fact, He incriminates Himself.  He admits to being a king.

He actually is King of all mankind.  But I doubt a representative of Caesar would readily accept that.  In fact, Jesus would have been in even worse trouble.  But Jesus is our King, then, now, and forever.  Pilate couldn't grasp that concept.  He was too narrow minded, to influenced by his culture, and too preoccupied with his own concerns.  (Doesn't that sound just like people, today?)

People who don't accept Jesus as Lord are just like Pilate.  You might as well try to explain rock and roll to an alien.  They won't "get it."  

It's the Culture

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