Saturday, October 1, 2011

Turkeys can be a Blessing!

The Feast of St. Therese Lisieux blessed me today.  I attended Mass at Mt. St. Mary's Abbey this morning.  I was happy to see an old friend in the aisle across from me.  During the Kiss of Peace I made a little bit of a show waving to her, so she would see me.  She was with another lady, and when that lady turned around...I knew her also--in a completely different context.  I couldn't believe it.  How could these two be connected?  You never can predict the Holy Spirit.

After Mass, I went and got three prayer books for Terce, and went and sat with them.  It is also a blessing to pray with friends.

Afterwards we reconnected and caught up on each other's lives.  I know Carol because she is a cousin of a Lay Dominican friend.  The last time I saw her was when I was visiting my Spiritual Director at St. Joseph's Abbey.  She is a Lay Cistercian and often attends religious events, where we encounter each other, now and then; but not too often because we live on opposite sides of the state.  Carol was with Sister Mercedes.  I know Sister Mercedes because Sister ministered to the Hispanic community in MCI Norfolk.  Sister's schedule has changed this semester, and she doesn't come to the prison, anymore.

How do they happen to be together?  Both are going to Boston College this semester and living at the same dormitory.   They said they needed a break, so they came to Mt. St. Mary's Abbey for the weekend.  This is where I came in.  We had a happy reunion.

As we were leaving, we ran into a flock of turkeys.  Real ones, this time.

I just smiled.   Turkeys, again!  I took this pic with my iPhone.

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