Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Blessed Mother's Chakra Energy

Looking at the differences between the authentic Fatima Statue and the "Hollywood" traveling one, I noticed something interesting. Our Blessed Mother is gathering the "good energy" from heaven, in one hand, and sending the "bad energy" back into the earth.

What??? It's part of Tai Chi, and Yoga, and Prana, etc. IOW, it's a common stance to receive the good and get rid of the bad. I'm talking about energy, or chakra.

I'm not saying what this means. But it's interesting.

Other differences between the statue that Sr. Lucia directed and the showy one,directed by the Bishop of Fatima are:

One is simple----- one is dressed for a "Hollywood" gala
One is veiled----- one wears a humongous crown
One's dress is simple----- one has a lot of "bling"
One's heart is outside----- one doesn't depict a heart
One's hands are in chakra position----- one's hands are folded in prayer

One thing to keep in mind. It's ONLY a statue. Catholics don't worship statues. Catholics honor Mary. Whichever statue turns you on, then let it give you inspiration to venerate the Mother of God.

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