Friday, October 28, 2011

Apple Affirmations

I wanted to do something fun in T.O.P.S. today. Since this is Halloween weekend, I thought we'd play a game. I thought of bobbing for apples, but that can be messy and isn't really hygienic. So I made up Apple Affirmations. It's not a game. It's more like a T.O.P.S. Chinese Cookie. You know, the cookies with fortunes in them. Although, since this was for T.O.P.S., I exchanged the cookie for something healthy, i.e., an apple. Instead of fortunes, I thought I'd give motivational boosts, with little slips of paper attached to the apple stems. The motivational boosts were in the form of affirmations:

Better choices lead to better living.
The only person that stands in the way of my success is me.
Taking control of my weight and my health is my number one priority.
Persistence and resistance will prolong my existence.
I won't let slip-ups be my downfall.
Self-control is my antidote to temptation.
My genes are not my fault, but my behavior is my responsibility.
I can manage temptation.
If I am wise, I will exercise.
I will maintain a positive attitude.

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