Thursday, June 30, 2011

Support Massachusetts National Guard 1/182nd Infantry Unit

Ranger Rosary
My friend, Ken is currently deployed in Afghanistan.  There aren't any PXs there, so he and the other troops need to rely on care packages.  If you would like to help out here is a list.  If you're wondering what the Silly String is for, it's to help to detect trip wires.

DRINKS:  Sweetened instant Kool-Aid, Lemonade, Tang, Tea, Coffee, Powdered Gatorade, Hot Chocolate, and Powdered Crystal Light.

SNACKS:  Anything Little Debbie, Applesauce Cups, Bean Dips, Beef Jerky, Beef Sausage Logs, Bowl Appetite Dinners, Breakfast Bars, Bubble Gum, Jello-O and Pudding Cups, Licorice, Lifesavers, Microwave Popcorn, Mints, Oreos, Pasta Anytime Dinners, Peanut Butter,  Pop Tarts, Powdered Milk, Pretzels, Pumpkin Seeds, Raisin, Ready to Eat Soups, Saltines, Sardines, Slim Jims, Canned Salmon, Cereal, Cheese Dips, Chips, Salsa, Pre-packaged Cookies, Crackers, Cup O'Noodles, Dinty Moore Meals, Mac n' Cheese packages, Tuna pouches, Dried Fruit, Sun Flower Seeds, Fruit Cups, Velveeta, hard candy like sweet tarts, spree, lollipops, canned cheese, packaged or canned nuts of all kinds.

TOILETRIES:  Bar soap (regular size), Body Wash, Bounce Sheets, Carmex, Chap Stick, Deodorant, Q-Tips, and disposable razors, room fresheners, Shampoo, Sun Block, Toilet Paper, individually wrapped, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Handy Wipes, Moisturizers, wet-naps, band-aids, shaving cream, mouthwash, baby wipes, tooth picks, dental floss, nail files, odor eaters, hand sanitizers, insect repellent.

MEDICINES AND VITAMINS:  Daily Vitamins, Tylenol, eye drops, foot powder, aspirin, Rolaids, Popto Bismol, Tums, Imodium AD, Cortisone cream, Motrin, Vitamin C, Neosporin.

MISCELLANEOUS: Paper, writing pads, peel'n seal envelopes (as gummed flaps stick together in the heat), Greeting Cards, Qt./Gal. Ziploc Bags, Chilly Willy Neck Coolers, AA and AAA batteries, pens (black ink), Mini Kleenex packs.

FUN STUFF: Disposable Cameras, Note Pads, Greeting Cards, Dice, Poker Chips, Puzzle Books, Nurf Footballs, Yo-yos, Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Word Finds, Pocket Electronic games, balls, holiday fun items, (Santa hats, Christmas stockings, Halloween, etc.)

PERSONAL ITEMS:  Small hand towels, white tube socks cotton, bandanas (washed and softened) to shield their faces from sand.  Silly String to help detect trip wires.  Small medical kits to carry on missions.  Sturdy Combat Rosary Beads.  Bibles.

Please send them to:

SSG Kenneth Gormley
PRT Farah
FOB Farah
APO AE 09382
                                              Thanks everyone!

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