Thursday, March 10, 2011

Changing Tone

How do I change my tone?  That's my Lenten sacrifice, or rather, what I'm working on.  All my friends are teasing me now because they know I'm trying to watch my tone.  Now I can't say anything without them announcing "You've got that tone."  "There's that tone, again."  "Tone."  "Tone!"  "Tone!!!"

It's the office joke.  Well, at least it keeps me aware.  But how does one change their tone.  I googled it.  I found pages of how to change the tone on my cell phone and blackberry.  I did come across the idea that tone is the same as attitude.  So then I googled how to change my attitude.  I came across the site, A Daring Adventure by blogger Tim Brownson, a Life Coach.  

I didn't know whether I was reading irony, on not.

  • This guy has been put here to teach me patience
  • I am so happy to be alive when so many people are dead and some of them have been dead for decade’s even centuries. That’s really tough
  • Great, I have chance to read one of these highly informative and caring tabloid newspapers

But when I stopped laughing, I did pick up some tips.  I've got to stop and think and not express my first thoughts.  I can't help the thoughts, but I can keep my mouth shut.  (Sometimes.)  (Maybe.)  (I'll try.)

It's like changing Maxine's tone.

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