Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christian Manga

Jonathan Lin and his Manga Comic for WYD 2011
What is manga?

Manga is a popular, and fast spreading Japanese comic book art form.  You've probably seen it around.  It is identified by characters with large emotional eyes.  Styles can differ but the major characters are slender, expressive, and detailed.  Some good people, like Jonathan Lin, the founder of the company Manga Hero want to use manga to explain and attract people to Catholicism.

Jonathan uses manga to tell the lives of the saints and biblical characters.  And this summer Manga Hero will come out with a manga for World Youth Day.  It will be called "Habeus Papem," and features Pope Benedict XVI.  It will tell some of his life, and explain to the world who and what he is.

Because of manga, the Japanese know and respect Catholics.  Only a very small percentage of Catholics in Japan are Catholic, but they love the manga priests who are portrayed as good heroes fighting evil.  Sometimes the characters are nuns or angels, but they are portrayed respectfully and heroically.  They are usually depicted as using their faith to confront evil spirits.

Most people like the characters and stories.  The kids do, that's for sure, but adults like manga, too.  The content of the comic varies depending on the intended age.  Some are for adult audiences only.  Let us pray that this new art form, "Manga Comics," draws people to want to learn more about God and His people.

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