Thursday, March 17, 2011

Serving God

During Lent I'm trying to go to daily Mass.  My parish has added a 5:15 PM Mass, which makes it convenient for me to go after work.  Not too many people go, however.  And not too many service ministers.  I've volunteered to Lector on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Today, Father Frank asked me to also be an altar server, too.  So I was doing double duty.

I've noticed that since there are no altar servers at these 5:15 PM Masses, the priest has to everything himself, especially awkward is "washing away his iniquities."  It occurred to me that out of all the ministries the laity do, that being an altar server, in a way, is the most important.  Being a Lector, I know I'm blaspheming.  I realize very well that the Lector is proclaiming the Word of God.  Don't I push myself to process in like a "ring card girl?"  (Only for Jesus, would I push myself to do something where I feel foolish.)

I think I've performed every duty a lay person can do.  I've sung in the choir.  I've been an usher.  I've passed the collection basket.  I've been an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist.  I've been a catechist.  I'm a Lector.  Now I can say, I've been an altar server.  And that was cool.  I was so close to the Consecration.  I could see Father Frank's concentration  as he ever so slowly stretched his arms out to hold out the Eucharist. It was almost surreal in slow motion.

Time stood still. ................................. and I was right there.

I feel so blessed.

And I didn't screw up either.  I had no trouble giving the priest everything he needed.  It's kind of common sense.  But while Father was distributing Communion, it did occur to me to get ahead of the game and clear off the altar.  I was trying to remember when that was done.  I never noticed it before.  But anyway, Father was finished and back to the altar and soon handing me stuff to put back on the table.  And then it was over.

Do you realize how close I was to the mystery of the Eucharist?

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