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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last night, we were looking at one of Hafiz' poems, Everywhere.

Through the streets

Throwing rocks through windows,
Using my own head to ring
Great bells,

Pulling out my hair,
Tearing off my clothes,

Tying everything I own
To a stick,
And setting it on

What else can Hafiz do tonight
To celebrate the madness,
The joy,

Of seeing God

I was of the opinion that the imagery isn't true.  The images seem angry.  Running--not dancing or skipping.  Screaming--not laughing or singing.  Throwing rocks!!!!!!  Banging your head!!!!  Pulling our hair!!!!  Why on earth are you taking your clothes off???  Setting things on fire!  These aren't images of celebration worthy of God.

Then the opposite opinion was expressed.  These images could have been written to celebrate the madness, the joy, of the Red Sox winning the pennant.  In fact, it did happen.  Cars were overturned, windows smashed, cars set on fire to celebrate the winning achievement.  The joy and happiness of a game would be nothing compared to a celebration of being graced by God.

Mmmmm.    Maybe it's a male/female difference?  Just a personal difference?  

Then someone pointed out that the last two stanzas are a surprise.  You don't know what he's doing until then.    So the imagery is deliberate, for the shock effect of the last two lines.

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