Friday, November 12, 2010

Show Support for Iraqi Christians

As Catholics, we believe that we belong to a Communion of Saints.  We believe in the Gospel's promise.  We profess that all the ties of friendship span to our enemies.  We believe in loving our enemies.  It's hard.  The cross is hard.

Yet, this is what the Iraqi Christians are about.  Our brothers and sisters in Christ, in Iraq, are hurting and need our prayers.  Maria Teresa Landi, a member of the Communion and Liberation Movement has come up with an idea which will show our Iraqi brothers and sisters that we are with them, that they are in our prayers, thoughts, and hearts.  We are invited to send emails of support for the Iraqi Catholics, to the Papal Nuncio at the United Nations.  The Nuncio at the UN has offered his diplomatic pouch (direct mail).  He will print out our emails and send them to the Nunciature in Iraq.

Please address your emails to the families to:

His Beatitude Emmanuel Delli, Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Bagdad

and send them to

h/t Why I Am Catholic
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