Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Humanizing Communication

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Christianity is needed to "humanize communication," says Pope Benedict XVI.  This comment is from an audience B16 had with participants in the Pontifical Council for Culture's four-day conference on the topic, "Culture of Communications and New Languages,"  reads an article in CNA.

That includes blogging.

The discussions included the effects of the internet, the social venues, news, learning, and even the way people communicate through food.  (Didn't your mother tell you the way to a man's heart is his stomach?  How's that for communication?)

In this audience, B16 said that "...communication touches crucial world cultures, and for believers, it means getting closer to God, Who, in His wisdom, is making Himself manifest in this new way.  The Pope spoke of "profound cultural transformation" taking place due to the great changes in modern communication.  The Church has to adapt to be a player in the modern world.

The Church wishes to enter into dialogue with all people in the world, he said. But, to reach people today, especially young people, it must "tune in" to the same frequency.

"Today not few young people, stunned by the infinite possibilities offered by information networks or by other technologies, establish forms of communication that do not contribute to growth in humanity, but risk rather to increase the sense of solitude and confusion," the pontiff warned.
He explained that education is needed to promote a "humanizing communication."

IOW,  bring Christianity into the communication.  We must write with our religious mindset and remind people  of God's presence.  Our values are needed.  Reaching out and pulling in should make community, not "solitude and confusion."  Our love will warm those searching.

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